Sauro is a Yerevan-based company specializing in handcrafted style dried fruit sweets. We used a mid-century aesthetic combined with modern looks to convey a sense of nostalgia combined with a light spirit.

The new packaging design not only distinguishes the brand on the shelf, but also conveys the core brand values:

Each candy consists of minced dried fruits and a fragile confectionery body of chocolate glaze, therefore the candies are packed in separate capsules. This helps them maintain their presentable appearance. These healthy sweets are handmade and contain only natural ingredients without added sugar, additives or artificial flavors.

Bright and informative design helps to understand the category and properties of the product. Each package has its own color.
The rectangular, beautifully colored boxes are unique and majestic, making this sweet treat a real treat.

Designed by Garoon, this simple, modern and refreshing design should match all sweet treats.

Sauro is rethinking the way we think about food packaging. Moving away from traditional food packaging designs, we have created a memorable packaging experience.

In developing a global brand, the team had three main goals: to create something differentiated enough to grab the attention of consumers, while remaining understandable enough to really facilitate the consumer experience, and democratic enough to seduce sweet lovers, regardless of their age and social status.

As a result we have simplistic, modern design that is refreshing in ways that all sweet treats should lean into.


Souro packaging design – handmade sweets

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