Designed by: Eleonore Andersson

Packaging design for Ligna Imperial Stout

Ligna is plural of the Latin word lignum which means wood. Already in 1870 Ligna was a carpentry at Hornsgatan in Stockholm, which grew into one of Sofo’s last small-scale industrial areas with its scrap warehouses, carpenters and workshops. Ligna then became the name of the entire working area at the present Drakenbergsparken on Södermalm in Stockholm. Now Ligna gets new life with the beer of the same name. Inspired by the carpentry and Hornstull’s long craft tradition, it is brewed by Hornstulls Brewery Society, with blocks of toasted oak, a sturdy cedar and it’s also strained through sawdust before finally stored on oak barrels.

The 75 cl bottle has a screenprinted label of sandpaper and comes in a hand made box embossed with a ruler witch holds information about the product. The cap Is screenprinted and decorated with millimeter measurements found in the ruler on the box.





Ligna imperial Stout

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  • January 9, 2019
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