“New Zealand base, Wild Bounty brand launched in Hong Kong their first flagship store. Auckland agency Dow Designconceived and developed the Wild Bounty brand, packaging design, retail vision, website and all consumer touchpoints. With a client that was brand focussed from the outset, Wild Bounty is an example of a design-driven business solution. Wild Bounty’s business owners saw an opportunity to capitalise on New Zealand’s international image and growing reputation for natural health remedies, led by manuka honey and bee products.”

‘The fresh designs appeal to the high-end consumer and also differentiate the product from the typically dull and conservative design used for products in this space. Off-pack I also wanted to move away from the norm of clichéd and touristy ‘calendar’ images of New Zealand. This has been achieved with imagery of raw, lush environments to express the ‘naturalness’ of New Zealand and its ‘amazing biodiversity’ ‘
– Senior Designer Hannah Gordon, Dow Design

“Wild Bounty’s extensive range of 90 products are divided into a skin care range, manuka honey and five categories of nature–derived supplements identified by their sources; bee, plant, sea, cervine (deer) and dairy. The striking packaging design of geometric patterns and bright colours is inspired by the ingredients, with the explanation of benefits given a secondary part in the overall design. The intuitive styles and colours are different for each product group, for example yellow honeycomb for the bee products and blue waves for products derived from the sea.
The result positions Wild Bounty alongside global beauty and fashion brands, with a transportive and refreshing take on health products.”
Designed by Dow Design, Auckland, New Zealand
Client: Wild Bounty
Wild Bounty
Wild Bounty 2
Wild Bounty 3
Wild Bounty 4
Wild Bounty 5
Wild Bounty 6

Wild Bounty

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