live free, dye young.
The objective of this project was to redesign a product’s package that was neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing.
Most packaging for hair dye was not functional and did not aesthetically appeal to its audience, who happened to be mostly young women. They were dull and lifeless, neither of which describe its buyers. They also came with long, confusing directions and did not try to incorporate a reason or motive that a woman may have in mind when wanting to dye her hair.
The majority of younger women will routinely find the need for change in their lifetime. Many of them change their hair color as a solution because it is easy and not too drastic. Dyafollicle was created to be a product that young and adventurous women could use when that rebelious need for change occured in their life.
Dyafollicle’s package is designed to be used with a group of friends, or even solo, if preferred. It gives women options, in an easy-to-grab and easy to follow manner. This provides a quick and simple change for any woman, that only lasts until her mood for “something new” wears off.
Designed by: Jennifer Hall,  USA.


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