A little while ago Marx Design issued a promotional piece so daring that some lawyers representing a certain 80s popstar sent us a letter politely asking us to cease and desist. We’re scared of lawyers, so we obliged and then promptly went into hiding waiting for the heat to die down. Fast forward a few years, and the dust has settled: it’s time for a new Marx Design Promotional Gift.
Balance is a tenet of good graphic design, but life with its ups and downs is a bit of a balancing act too. We decided to visually represent this idea in our new promo gift. With a cheeky nod to the pharmaceutical industry, we developed a selection of pill-like balancing aids.
Our “uppers” provide a quick jolt of sugar to the system, sure to improve anyone’s mood. No normal person in their right mind likes black jellybeans, so they were the perfect ingredient for our frown-inducing “downers”. And for the already well-balanced individual, we have our patented “middlers” that have no affect whatsoever. They’re just plain old mints.
Message to lawyers: Marx Design “middlers” have nothing to do with acclaimed singer/actress/comedian Bette Midler. And you are the wind beneath my wings.
Designed by Ryan Marx,  New Zealand.
Uppers & Downers
Uppers & Downers2
Uppers & Downers3
Uppers & Downers4
Uppers & Downers5
Uppers & Downers6
Uppers & Downers7

Uppers & Downers – Promo Gift

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