In the Fall of my senior year as a Graphic Design student this was a class project assigned to us where we were asked to create packaging for a fictional company, promoting any product we would like. In total, the project consisted of: a hand drawn element, logo, at least two forms of packaging, point of purchase display, magazine spread, two web pages, and was presented in a process book.
My company is Solid Surf Wax. For varying water temperatures I created four different bars of wax including: Cold, Cool, Warm and
Tropical. While the bars are completely hand drawn the rest of the elements throughout the other promotional pieces include a clean sleek feel with some varying hand drawn elements to keep all the components of the marketing materials cohesive. Wanting to quickly grab the attention of the viewer I incorporated a lot of photography that I took myself and a handful of other shots of a friend of mine surfing.
Designed by: Wesley Parsons, USA.
Solid Surf Wax
Solid Surf Wax2
Solid Surf Wax3
Solid Surf Wax4
Solid Surf Wax5
Solid Surf Wax6
Solid Surf Wax7
Solid Surf Wax8

Solid Surf Wax

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