The name “Smash” comes from the reflection of a mashed peanut, the over exaggeration of the process of its production. Aesthetically designed more masculine and bold to cater to the male target audience. The breaking glass graphic on the jar is representing the word “smash”.
The graphic will be printed on the jar instead of a sticker label to help make the product stand out from its competitors such as Jib or Skippy. Also, to save production cost I minimized the color to two and it doesnt affect the outcome of the design purpose. I find that jam products are still using strawberry images for their packaging, but peanut butter is not, therefore I chose to apply that into SMASH peanut butter for a simple visual message.
For a structurial repackage to solve the common peanut butter jar problems people run into, I have designed a triangle/cylinder shape with a circle top so it can sit upside down and be stored upside down; the bottom shape will comfortably fit a butter knife so you will get every last bit of your peanut butter. In addition to usage, the flat front side can allow you to easily set your peanut butter jar on your table while you apply peanut butter to your toast.
Designed by: Debby Lu, Canada.

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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