Last year Sputnik ‘s team decided it was time to do a little work for themselves. “We know it’s not common for a shop like us to toot our own horns, but we had a blast dreaming up our first personal project: The Companion Austin Pale Ale.” Brewed by Weaver Brew Co. in Houston, TX, The Companion Ale represents a lot of what Sputnik stands for: lasting relationships and dilligent craft. Through the process of building this project, they learned a lot about who they are and the types of projects that energize us.
“Just like a good friend, it’s not often that you come across a brew as friendly as The Companion. With more hops than a jack rabbit, The Companion is guaranteed to awaken your senses and knock the dust off any dull conversation. Just like an old friend, The Companion Austin Pale Ale is the perfect compliment to whatever journey you’re on.
We here at Sputnik are all about having partners for the Journey. The word Sputnik (which we think is Russian) means ‘Fellow Traveller’. We believe wholeheartedly that building brands isn’t about one company providing a service for another but rather growing like a friendship over the years. We’re not interested in turning over tables and moving on to the next town. We’re interested in the long haul. Thanks for being our Fellow Travelers.”
Designed by Sputnik, Austin, TX
The Companion Ale
The Companion Ale2
The Companion Ale3
The Companion Ale4
The Companion Ale5
The Companion Ale6

The Companion Ale

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