The project came about after the success of a concept piece produced in 2011 which exhibited at New Designers in London. Over the last year we have taken this concept and developed it through to a pre-production sample. We have taken our time researching and testing the product and our materials, traveling the country to spend time in various factories and working closely with the materials and production teams.
SEEDCELL is a waste free seed package alternative, that acts as a seed delivery system designed to have both functional and environmental benefits. It eliminates many of complexities of trying to grow from seed.
The paper pulp based seed wheel snaps from the main backing card and is broken up into individual pods which are pushed into the ground without the need for use of tools, the shape acts as a dibber and helps to push through the lose earth or soil. Once in the ground the pods create the ideal controlled environment for the seeds to begin their germination. The pods absorb water and deliver it straight to the seed without over watering and using less water than conventional methods of growing from seed. The warm and moist environment helps to aid root growth and our patented technology allows the seed to break through the pod once the pod begins to decompose. The paper pulp is 100% recycled and the whole product is bio degradable and 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Providing a nutrient rich mulch foundation to help the new shoots to grow.
Created by Seedcell,  United Kingdom
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