Designed by: Paul Valentiner, Germany.


The idea for this packaging design came to fruition when I decided to practise my skills without any client restrictions. The goal was to create a recognizable brand while experimenting with Adobe’s latest software. The design for this fictitious German tea brand was inspired by the belief that tea not only brings great ingredients together but in doing so also unites people around the world. My intention was to communicate the sense of tradition, natural ingredients and  quality associated with tea.



tea& - Branding2

tea& - Branding3

tea& - Branding4

tea& - Branding5

tea& - Branding6

tea& - Branding7

tea& - Branding8

tea& - Branding9

tea& - Branding10

tea& - Branding11

tea& - Branding12

tea& - Branding13

tea& - Branding14


tea& – Branding

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