Nonno is a fabricated wine company that I based off my grandfather, John Cheli. John has been making homemade wine for over 50 years. This packaging commemorates his talent and love for Italian culture. Each bottle features John’s family crest, handwriting, and fingerprint. I wanted to customize this packaging as much as he personalizes his wine. As the wine is consumed, the back of the label becomes legible. Each line is a comical Italian statement. The carrier is a varnished wooden box with dovetail edges. The lid has an engraved crest on the front and salutation “Godere” (meaning enjoy) on the back. The inside of the carrier has a built-in coaster that serves as a promotional piece. The overall design has a personalized, vintage feel.
Designed by: Tyler Cheli, USA.
Nonno Wine
Nonno Wine2
Nonno Wine3
Nonno Wine4
Nonno Wine5
Nonno Wine6
Nonno Wine7
Nonno Wine8
Nonno Wine9
Nonno Wine10
Nonno Wine11

Nonno Wine

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