Designed by: Omdesign, Portugal.


In line with the environmental care and the sustainability we have always support, we have designed this special self-promotion packaging to celebrate with all our clients and partners the 165 distinctions, national and international, that we have been awarded with. This small gesture reinforces our huge respect for nature and, essentially, our commitment to the future.

This special packaging has a burnt stone-pine wood base from our national forest. We resorted to a burnt tree trunk, without any kind of treatment, that was only brushed and, at its front, was applied a high relief cardboard and a stamp, where we convey our company’s message. Inside, you can find our water dispenser, with the label and black label merged in one and a pine tree.

The devastation of the Portuguese forest, caused by the fires, and the extreme drought that Portugal went through in 2017, are a reality that nowadays directly affect each and every one of the Portuguese population, and affects also the current lack of hydraulic resources. Therefore, it is fundamental to promote the balance among our several natural resources.

We believe that it is in our hands to contribute for a greater and real environmental preservation, avoiding extreme situations like the one we aim to represent, in a caricatured way, with this drop-by-drop water dispenser we offer to our clients and partners.

Since the main challenge was to create a sustainable and memorable package able to communicate a strong message with a simple gesture (meaning that by working together, we can help return to our forest part of what was destroyed by the fires, as well as what we take from it to develop the solutions we create every day), with this project, we have launched a challenge to plant the 165 stone pines, one for each award the company has received in the last three years.
















Omdesign 2017 Packaging

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