Designed by Happycentero in Italy, Sabadi’s Sicula Terra – there is no better way to narrate a territory than doing it with the products of the earth! The chocolate artisan Simone Sabaini describes Sicily in the following way:

“Steps that lead to the Mediterranean maquis, memories of sunshine, a dry burning feeling down your throat, intense and unexpected aromas carried on the wind. Hidden in this chocolate the lucky ones will find memories; others will discover the pleasure of a taste so far unknown; but all of them will surely find evocations of a magnificent land”.

No wonder their packaging feels as earthy as possible. Featuring simple white typography surrounded by roots of flowers all around gives fruit the their taste and merger of both fruit and plant.
Designed by Happycentero, Verona, Italy
Sabadì's Sicula Terra
Sabadì's Sicula Terra2
Sabadì's Sicula Terra3
Sabadì's Sicula Terra4
Sabadì's Sicula Terra5
Sabadì's Sicula Terra6
Sabadì's Sicula Terra7
Sabadì's Sicula Terra8
Sabadì's Sicula Terra9
Sabadì's Sicula Terra10
Sabadì's Sicula Terra11
Sabadì's Sicula Terra12
Sabadì's Sicula Terra13
Sabadì's Sicula Terra14
Sabadì's Sicula Terra15

Sabadì's Sicula Terra

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