– The client had its own name and packaging design for artisanal yoghurt based it the company name: Dairy Isasa (Lácteos Isasa), the product line included plain yogurt and yogurt smoothie (natural flavors).
– Lacteos Isasa uses only milk and selected lactic yeast to make his yogurt to make a very special lovely and pure yogurt. Even though the brand only started in 2013, it has quickly found a big (and growing) following.
– Strong identification with artisan product and values to the product (region, care, respect for traditions)
– The solution provided was to build a character: The Yaya Isasa and the people’s need about “things as before ” “the taste of authenticity “.
– Graphically we create a visual poem in which all the elements reminds the artisan origin and are clearly identified with brand.
– The carefully crafted design claims its traditional heritage with a modern sensibility that expresses an enlightened awareness of healthy choices.
– The use of a own personal calligraphic typeface brings significant value to all the different and conveys a sense of solidity product, care and craftsmanship, this resource simulates the original signature of La Yaya Isasa, reminding notebooks learn to write.
– There are several key elements:
– The name of the brand : The Yaya Isasa.
– Background or texture as a dishcloth
– The claim to accentuate the differential value : GENUINE NATURAL YOGURT.
– The representation of a dairy’s drawn element gives meaning and force to the set and makes it easily recognizable to the target, relating immediately with fresh milk.
– The tone and message of each of the manifestations of the brand : proximity and closeness .
Agency: TSMGO (The Show Must Go On), Spain.
Creative Director : Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez
Designed by: Marta Terrazas Llorente y José Luis Casao
Photography: Lorena Martínez Acha y Carlos Caperos Berdejo
La Yaya Isasa
La Yaya Isasa2
La Yaya Isasa3
La Yaya Isasa4
La Yaya Isasa5
La Yaya Isasa6
La Yaya Isasa7
La Yaya Isasa8
La Yaya Isasa9
La Yaya Isasa10
La Yaya Isasa11
La Yaya Isasa12
La Yaya Isasa13
La Yaya Isasa14
La Yaya Isasa15

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