Agency: Backbone Branding
Brand Strategy Director: Stepan Avanesyan
Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan
Project Manager: Meri Sargsyan
Designer: Stepan Azaryan, Eliza Malkhasyan
Modeling Designer: Armenuhi Avagyan
Illustrator: Marieta Arzumanyan, Elina Barseghyan

Rice is one the staple components of our daily diets, and for this new brand, our design concept was to pay tribute to the hard working farmers labouring in the rice fields.
Inspired from the regional origin of the product, we used Asian calligraphy and visual styles and minimal graphics to portray an expressive design that illustrates the diverse facial emotions of the Asian rice farmers, from tiredness, to satisfaction and confidence.

For the Packaging material, we opted for a sustainable high density sackcloth, as well as a carton lid in the form of a traditional farmer’s conic hat.

The name says it all, the RICEMAN brand represents the human, whose efforts and dedication made it possible for us to enjoy this product.


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Featured on Package Inspiration
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