Designed by: Amoth

To create a minimalistic label design for the line of a limited edition of barrique plum distillate.

Czech plum distillate is a well known traditional alcoholic beverage. It has no colour, just a plum flavour. Few years ago the manufacturer decided to age a batch of an extra quality distillate in barrels made off white French oak. An excellent plum beverage has appeared. Thanks to long-term aging the distillate took a velvety, delicate and a bit sweet plum flavour. Also it took a bright amber colour from barrels. Only 2000 bottles were manufactured, so it was necessary to create a label able to accentuate a uniqueness of each bottle.


To distinguish the product from other alcoholic beverages within the same segment it was decided to develop a laconic label with a minimum details. A short story of the beverage from the main blend-master was added to the label to create the feeling of human presence, because a real person stands behind of each bottle (not only machines and an automatic production).
But the main core of the label was a hand printed stamp. Each bottle was numerated and a unique number had been added to the label as a stamp. Each of two thousand stamps was printed manually to create a handcrafted touch. A diversity of labels within the market shelf has appeared, that created an additional feeling of choice and an enjoyment from buying the only and special piece. Combination of a plum colour texts with a bright red stamp made an attractive and memorable look.





Plum barrique distillate

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