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Our loyal client that operates on the Direct-to-Consumer market approached us to brand their dairy products. The specificity of their business model is private delivery of goods by permanent subscription, so the challenge was creating an engaging brand that would reach the consumers that go for a healthy lifestyle, originate strong emotional connections with them and communicate the concept and story of the brand.

Taking into consideration the low-end type of our client’s activity,  we suggested a solution that required a standard budget packaging, with illustrations that create an emotional bond acting beneficially for the brand promotion.
We chose the brand’s main characters – hens, and turned them into fearless, friendly, fun-loving characters looking for endless adventures to turn their day into a game and illustrated different episodes of their farmline stories on the packaging.
As the brand’s strategy is D2C, it allowed us to regularly change the graphics on the packaging. On one hand it gives the designer an endless ground of imagination and creativity, which also contributes to the brand’s quick adaptation to the market’s needs and strong positioning of the brand in the market. On the other hand, the 2 color illustrations make the continuously changing graphics on the packaging affordable for the client.

Our hens live in freedom with other farm animals, which is also essential as a healthy environment contributes to the product quality.
We used limited colors: we kept white as a color typical for dairy products, highlighting its naturalness, contrasting with black and gold as an accent color.


“Bnavan” Eggs

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