Agency: Yi Qing Gan
Art Director: Gabby Elle from Amazin Graze


This holiday season, Amazin’ Graze is here to help you (Re)Discover the Magic in Christmas by treating you to a holiday filled with unforgettable memories. No matter near or far, Amazin’ Graze wishes that everyone can spread kindness through thoughtful gifting during this challenging time. These gift of health with Amazin Graze’s all-natural snacks thoughtfully packed in the dreamiest seasonal packaging. This magical collection is inspired by my own rendition of all time classic story of The Nutcracker.  Throughout the journey, Mr Nutcracker and friends played cheerful songs to make the magical journey an interesting one and they were also fascinated with various nuts along the way. Eventually, Mr Nutcracker and Grace found the magic spell in the middle of the woods with their friends and they were exhilarated with joy. Grace believed that there is always light in the darkness, which made this inspiration from the story of the Nutcracker extremely appropriate this year as it reminds us that we can always find light in the darkest of times during this pandemic.


Rediscover Magic with Amazin Graze

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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