Agency: AIDA Pioneer
Designer, Art Director: Anastasiya Zubrytskaya
Creator: Dmitry Galinovsky
Creative Director: Anastasiya Nikonovich
Chief Creative Director: Dmitry Apolenis


2:2 AKVAVIT created by AIDA Pioneer

Scandinavian art of negotiating

Create a modern concept of traditional Scandinavian akvavit

Akvavit is a traditional strong Scandinavian drink. This is a kind of vodka with a cumin flavor, infused with citrus or berries and spices: rosemary, cardamom, anise, cinnamon and others.

The score of Scandinavian friendship

Our akvavit is inspired by the real story from EURO-2004.
The last and decisive match for reaching the playoffs, the teams of Sweden and Denmark played against each other. And a unique situation happened. Regardless of the result of the rivals’ match, both teams were passing to the playoffs, if the result of their Scandinavian derby was 2:2. The game was tough but, of course, it ended with the score on the label.
This is how the term “Scandinavian draw” appeared, and the whole world learned about the Scandinavian art of negotiating.


2:2 Akvavit

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