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Peruvian Chef Herman Villanueva requested us to create his brand of ready-to-eat cooked food. The project included the naming, logo and packaging design for his product line.

Conceived as a premium product, we sought to reflect the positioning of the brand through the whole project. The result was to use the name of a famous literary character, in the service of King Louis XIII of France, who was characterized by being an expert swordsman, elegant and with an outgoing personality. The logo reflects that elegance: the isotype carries the initial of the sealed name, which represents the guarantee of a product of great quality.

The packaging design and photography conveys the perfection of a product prepared at its point, using the vacuum cooking technique. Each of the elements of the photography evokes the same: from the granite surface, through the wooden board to the accessories. The iconography clearly shows where the cut of the meat comes from, as well as its shape and time to heat and cook.






Porthos Prime Food

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  • December 7, 2018
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