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When approaching the design of a set of two bottles of wine to which to transfer the essence of the Your Silent Face winery in a pictorial way, we decided to use the work of Taner Yilmaz as a base. Yilmaz, a Turkish artist of German origin, portrays women in a haunting and intriguing way, enveloping them in an aura of beauty and melancholy.
His work, exhibited in London and Amsterdam, “emerges from the perfect intersection between the conscious and the subconscious to connect with the viewer, thanks to the intensity of gazes that reveal deeply hidden feelings”.
All the graphic elements featured in the bottles needed to enhance the painter’s works harmoniously, without being so strident as to mask their impact. For this reason, we chose to treat both the brand name, the grape variety and the metal stampings as if they had been applied in brush strokes by the artist himself.
For the “Einswein” or icewine made from Riesling grapes, the chosen metal is a striking light blue that combines perfectly with the cold tones of the selected work, ensuring that the design of the bottle optimally transmits the type of wine it contains. On the other hand, for the Pinot Noir variety we chose an intense shiny gold that adds even more elegance and drama to the composition.
We also included the capsule as an extension of the design of both wine bottles, using it as the starting point.


Pictorial design of signature wine bottles

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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