A sophisticated blend of barrel aged rums, with very little flavor aside from a general sweetness. Milder flavors make it perfect for use in mixed drinks.
Filtered to be seriously white.
Fundamentals of design are based on the need to raise awareness of the new brand in the market by being distinct. Opening act has to be special and memorable, corresponding to properties of the beverage.
Designed by: Stefan Marjanovic, Serbia.
Sky White Rum
Sky White Rum2
Sky White Rum3
Sky White Rum4
Sky White Rum5
Sky White Rum6


Sky White Rum7

1. Stripping the key from the carrier.
2. Putting a key in a cap automatically unlocks cap from bottle.
3. Withdrawing cap upwards automatically pulls the bottle neck up and enables pouring of drink.
4. Hidden magnet holds cap while bottle is used.


Bottle mechanism

Sky White Rum8

Opener. Cap with locking mechanism. Basis. Bottle’s neck.

Sky White Rum9

Sky White Rum

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