Wiener Honig is a Vienna based brand specialized in producing organic honey. It was founded by two friends who missed their favorite honey while they where working abroad. Originally they started out with two varieties, now stocking over a dozen. Ranging from ”Apfelstrudel“ to honey with poppyseed.
The idea was to create a design that highlights the beauty of the product. The simple package displays the different colors and textures of the varieties. The honey speaks for itself. The project included packaging as well as screen design.
Designed by: Werner Singer, Austria.
Wiener Honi2
Wiener Honi3
Wiener Honi4
Wiener Honi5
Wiener Honi6
Wiener Honi7
Wiener Honi8

Wiener Honig / Honey from Vienna

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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