Agency: Circus Design Studio
Photographer: Mike Chatzigiannis


Philion Elaion, is an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed, which is proved by the extremely low (<0.3%) degree of acidity. The family that produces the olive oil, entrusted us with the study of its packaging, as well as the design of the product logo that it will carry. According to the quality control analyzes that were delivered to us, and with respect to the production process that takes place in ideal conditions, we were invited to design a minimalist corporate identity that will communicate the cultivation, harvest and the making of the final product. This led us to a typographic rendering of the olive tree, consisting of 2 uppercase letters (P and F), and the use of the full stop to symbolize the position of the fruit during collection, under the foliage. Part of the composition of the logo was also the indication “extra virgin olive oil”, and of course the name Philion Elaion, both with the use of clean, geometric, but friendly typography. We were inspired by the gold color of the oil and the brown of the trunks. For the design of the bottle, we chose to deconstruct the elements of the logo, placing them in different positions, focusing on the capital Greek letter Φ, which highlights the origin and nativity of the product. The bottle was painted during production to protect the acidity of the oil, giving it the prestige of a premium product and then printed by the silkscreen method to enhance the brightness and boldness of the logo and its identity as one.


Philion Elaion

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