Designed by: dolphins

Taste of Greece is Ouzo, a traditional Greek alcoholic beverage. The concept was to embody Greece and all its traditions.
New miniature packaging for the E.V.A. A soft and traditional, sweet ’Ouzo Mitilini’, with distillate from copper stills. The secret recipe with aniseed from Lisvori on Lesvos and other aromatic seeds from the Aeolian land, the slow distillation boiling, are the valuable legacies of the past. It’s the old recipe that offers a renaissance of the senses.
The design aims at the differentiation from the competition in the field of souvenirs. Ouzo is one of the defining drinks of Greece, to a point that it is now deemed to be a stereotypical choice. 
This is the reason why images and symbols which are closely connected to the Greek tradition and culture were used. The tone of the illustration, although inspired by the ancient black-figured vessels, maintains an alternative and vivid code of aesthetics.


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