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Additional: Guardians of the Ice, Banded Peak Brewing, Alexis Killam


Guardians of the Ice is a non-profit organization that works to inspire dynamic environmental stewardship on behalf of the rapidly retreating Columbia Icefield (Canadian Rockies) and its watersheds, leading to a low-carbon future for the whole planet.

Partnering with Banded Peak Brewing, they have launched the Guardians of the Ice Collection — a collection of 12 beers that represent the 12 peaks that stand as Guardians around the Icefield. Proceeds from this collection go towards Guardians of the Ice. Each beer launch is accompanied with a speaker event will be hosted by legendary alpinist and Guardians of the Ice founder Jim Elzinga.  A fun evening of candid conversation, education, beer tasting and Q&A in support of the Columbia Icefield.

Each beer features a unique and minimalist design that highlights the mountain the beer was named for.

Two beers have launched already — Mount Columbia West Coast IPA and Snowdome West Coast IPA — with the third to follow this spring.


Guardians of the Ice Beer Collection

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