“In our search of finding the best olives in the world to make our oil, we stumbled upon a hidden gem.From the ancient land of Egypt, we bring you the best virgin olive oil known to man. Our olive trees are located in two magical locations in the ancient land of Egypt, the first location is considered holy by some religions,Sinai, where moses climbed a mountain to speak to God.
As for the second location, its the mystical and magical virgin natural oasis of Siwa. Our olive trees are as old as time, you find them growing in nature without any human interaction. The trees depend solely on rain water to grow in the vast deserts of Egypt, making them the most organic olive trees known to man and producing the best oil there is..”
Designed by: Mohamed Sherif, Egypt.
Orgainque Olive Oil

Orgainque Olive Oil

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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