Cold brew coffee is enjoying growing popularity in the states and in Australia, and some coffee houses in the UK offer it in the hot summer months. However bottled cold brew isn’t yet sold in UK supermarkets.
Land & Sea roast and brew their coffee in Falmouth, selling their concentrate and ready-to-drink cold brew in supermarkets, positioning it towards coffee lovers, and promoting Cornwall’s thriving coffee culture. The hand crafted look and feel of their packaging makes it stand out from other mass produced coffee brands in the aisles, and helps convey the message that the product is made by real people, not just a massive umbrella brand somewhere.
Designed by: Richard Pine, United Kingdom.
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee2
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee3
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee4
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee5
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee6
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee7
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee8
Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee9

Land & Sea Cold Brew Coffee

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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