This mysterious Mezcal is rooted and inspired by Mexican culture. The unique illustrations on each bottle showcase a story and keep you intrigued. Also the bright colors that are used to identify the type of mezcal compliment the overall packaging nicely. I loved each and every illustration on these bottles. You can see each bottle design after the jump!
Los Siete Misterios Mezcal is inspired by the habits and traditions of the Mexican culture, as well as the passion of its people who have helped to enhance our product.
Driven and motivated by these qualities, we are searching to relive the past and integrate it with our present, to create a visual identity that has been ours for centuries. It is about creating a familiarity, while hoping to transmit a modern sensibility with a strong presence, through which we all feel identified.
We are a 100% Mexican company established in 2010 with the ideal, vision and mission of rescuing the Mezcal tradition and the micro-economy of the rural cultures that produce it.
Besides having the vast experience of working with many major Mexican distilleries, our passion and love is the key drive that helps us create in our field.
Our innovation is not brought along by the loss of tradition or the industrialization of Mezcal, as we have seen before with the Tequila industry. On the contrary, our passion is focused on the rescuing of traditions, in which this distilled drink has been a part of for centuries.
Source: Michelle Burgos, Mexico.
Los Siete Misterios1
Los Siete Misterios2
Los Siete Misterios3
Los Siete Misterios4
Los Siete Misterios5
Los Siete Misterios6
Los Siete Misterios7
Los Siete Misterios8
Los Siete Misterios9
Los Siete Misterios

Los Siete Misterios

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