Agency: Circus Design Studio
Photographer: Mike Chatzigiannis


Ola Meli Gyri is a beekeeping company based in Volos, Greece. Their expertise is the production of honey products from different regions and locations, depending the flavour and varieties collecting high quality pure honey from the Thessalian plain, Pelion, Kissavos and North Evia. Staying true to nomadic beekeeping, it seeks the ideal conditions by aiming for the highest standards for its products. In order to enhance their clientele, the company decided to rebrand their logo and identity from a typical beekeeping label to vibrand, playfull and joyfull series of honey flavours, promoting different regions the honey is collected and various info about each flavour such as taste, nutrition facts and tips.

Undertaking the total rebranding of beekeeping, from the logo to the product labels, we chose to focus on the key factor of the production process, the bee itself. So we chose to place the initials of the name in such a way as to mimic the anatomy of the bee. The rest of the corporate identity was based on thin lines and graphic elements that in combination with the word “Made with love and bees” communicating the sensitivity and the passion that the managers of the company have for their object. Designing the label of propolis, we chose the fast transmission of information regarding the variety of honey, the place of collection and the taste characteristics. The labels were extended to the lid of the jars, with the safety tape and different icons for every flavour and variety. In addition we characterized each variety with a specific color code, thus creating a single product identity and placing the labels on different jar sizes.


Ola Meli Gyri

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