Agency: Anabolic Brandlab


The project’s goal was to develop the brand concept, name and visual identity of the fragrance diffuser product line.

The concept of the brand is consonant with the SLOW LIFE concept (aka Slow Living). It is close to those who are tired of the stressful rhythm of busy cities, those who escape to cozy outskirts to find peace in harmony with nature, forget about problems, hear yourself, feel the taste of life. This idea is reflected in the slogan: THE ART OF A SLOW LIFE.

FIJI (Fiji) is a story about paradise islands, fluttering exotic butterflies, blue lagoons, gentle southern wind – all about slow living in dignity. The romance of tropical sunsets is conveyed by a holographic foil that “shines” in different shades of gradient, depending on the view angle, turning into a pearlescent “eye stopper” on the shelf. Each aroma has its own color and numeric code. Distilled-pharmacy-like minimalism of packaging tends to perfumes design, which increases the visual value of the product for the consumer. The product is being sold by the leading retail chains in Ukraine.


FIJI Fragrance Diffuser

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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