Milky Rosemilk bath with rose petals
Milky Rose is a limited edition milk bath. Created form highest quality ingredients it surrounds the user with silky smooth milk and a vibrant aroma of rose.The core of Milky Rose packaging is subtlety and elegance. The main concept of the packaging is to recreate hypnotizing ornaments that the milk powder makes when it mixes in with water. The vivid pink color represents the rose element.  The texture of the packaging was created in the process of experimenting with watercolors and recreating the way two materials mix together.
Designed by: Rokas Aleliūnas, Lithuania.
Milky Rose
Milky Rose1
Milky Rose2
Milky Rose3
Milky Rose4
Milky Rose5
Milky Rose6
Milky Rose7

Milky Rose – milk bath

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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