Agency: Gitanos
Designers: Daniel Montiel / Cindy Montero


Meraki is a specialty coffee produced in Costa Rica. We did a packaging rebranding project to promote the product that is of the highest quality so that its packaging could reflect it. For this we use a design inspired by the mountains and areas where coffee is produced, we also use special inks and metallic finishes to add value to the product.

Brief: Generating an aesthetic rethinking without losing the essence of the brand, Meraki is
put your heart and soul into everything you do. The Meraki philosophy, an untranslatable word of Greek origin.

To convey the concept we join the coffee bean + elephant, since elephants have a sense of respect and humility with strength and power, in addition the elephant can represent good luck, wisdom and knowledge and a good connection of energy from your interior towards the world, just as our coffee does.

In addition, you can subtly appreciate the letter M, which is the initial of our brand.

The challenge was also to make an aesthetic rethinking of the packaging to convey the quality, flavor and regions of the different coffees. For this we are inspired by fresh and modern colors, clean fonts and a variety of shapes and juxtapositions in the design of each one, also standing out with special metallic inks, and a very high quality printing process.

The results are more than satisfactory for our client, who now has a renewed portfolio of packaging and a brand that is fresh, modern and consistent with these generations.

This is another successful project and a case that was carried out hand in hand with the client. The product is really good, of international quality and now the brand too.


Meraki Coffee

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