Dalston Creative designed and produced a label and beer cap for a new lager by restaurant Mäster Anders. The design is a simple which features handlettering inspired by yellow tiles as seen in Mäster Anders’ restaurants.

“It was designed to feel fresh and simple, a straight forward lager for their customers. The choice of colors comes from the interiors of the restaurant where the tiles are in a yellow tone. It also ties in well with the color of a lager. Ben Gorham from Byredo Parfumes drew the handlettering and Dalston then put it all together and handled the production aspects and delivery.”

Designer by: Dalston CreativeSweden, Stockholm.
Illustration/Handlettering: Ben Gorham, Byredo Parfumes
Mäster Anders Beer
Mäster Anders Beer2
Mäster Anders Beer3
Mäster Anders Beer4

Mäster Anders Beer

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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