MV Group is one of the largest strong beverage producers in Lithuania. They followed the idea of creating limited edition packaging product as Christmas gift for their exclusive clientele.

Our task was to create exclusive packaging idea as well as primary and secondary packaging construction and design. Mandarin fruits and spruce twig elements was selected as the main graphic decoration element of the packaging associating with the product taste. Mandarin became the signature fruit for Christmas in Lithuania.

Primary label constructed as envelope with a postcard inside. This conveys the message of Christmas traditions and becomes a unique way to present new recipes to customer as well as present them with a gift. Postcard design is simple and minimalistic as an extension of the overall packaging design.

Small batch of only 222 bottles of Mandarin Gin was released in the winter of 2021, but became such a hit that in 2022 was adapted for the mass production.


MANDARIN GIN – Winter Limited Edition

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