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Stone Castle Vineyards and Winery is a hidden gem in the heart of Rahovec Valley in Kosovo, a region that has more than 2.000 years of winemaking culture. Stone Castle takes great pride in growing the highest quality grapes and premium quality wines by combining the latest technological advancements with traditional winemaking methods.
One of their varieties, “Owner’s Choice” wine is the family’s secret receipt inherited generation to generation and crafted from the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes grown in “Gecaj Estate Vineyards”.
There are only 10,000 bottles of this wine.
Creative process
Considering that this is a special limited wine, our approach was to create something distinctive but yet representative in terms of identity for the wine.
Eagle is the symbol of our country, it represented Albanians through centuries, as a sign of strength, sharpness and eagerness. Besides the eagle, we needed something to transmit the wine tradition, the secret receipt of winemaking followed generations to generations by adding the key symbol. Key has the shape of the heart, showing love and passion for the wine.
Through a relaxed and sophisticated feel, the product brings attention to the audience and is distinctive in the regional market. “Owner’s Choice” is an expensive wine and it has a special 3D printing on the label, more specifically, on the eagle, in order to have a special feel when you touch the wine.



Gecaj Estate

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