Agency: Evangelisti y Cía.


A unique wine of limited production, made from grapes extracted from the Viña de MADARAS, located in the lands of the Marina Alta in the heart of the Mediterranean. A lifestyle turned into a piece of design that transmits a positioning and attributes close to the Mediterranean lifestyle, luxury and exclusivity, for an audience that knows how to enjoy and experience memorable moments. In the design of the label we use navy blue as a background and a thin red line that crosses diagonally as a timbral detail, referring to the mythical nautical symbolism, obtaining as a result a label with a sophisticated, fine, delicate style and above all with character. Mediterranean luxury. Defining and adjusting all the details regarding inks, stamping and varnishes, is the final step to close the labeling design, as well as the choice of paper, a medium where our sense of touch will work at full capacity to start a journey that transports us to Mediterranean, the place that gives rise to this wine. Health!



Madaras Wine / Pepe Mendoza

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