Designed by: Matt Vergotis


I am over the moon to be able to put this presentation together for you. Yes! It’s another brewing branding project, and yes they’re another amazing brewery. What I love about this project though is that I really pushed myself to come up with something unique in this crowded market. Craft beer is going gangbusters at the moment in Australia and for this project I wanted to design a logo suite and corporate identity system that drew on every aspect of my graphic design skills.

From lettering and typography, illustration and packaging layout design, this project has it all and I am super proud of the outcome. Their beer is next level and they needed an identity that lived up to the hype surrounding their beautifully delicious craft beer. I’ve also tipped my hat to the American influence it’s had with the resurgence of craft beer. If you ever see their brews out in the wild, grab yourself some. Trust me, you’ll be in hop heaven.


Slipstream Brewing Co.

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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