Mack Isbjørn (polar bear) Beer is back:

In February 2014 Mack Isbjørn is back on the shelves after being away since 2007. This is the first project by north™ has taken on for Macks Ølbryggeri, the worlds northernmost brewery. The goal for Isbjørn is to establish it as a competitor to products like Tuborg pilsener and Ringnes pilsener who today dominate the lower price-bracet in the beer-category in Norway, and to recruit new customers to Mack.
The design lends it’s language from Swiss Modernism and challenges the traditional beer-design seen in the category, which makes it stand out on the shelf with great impact both in graphic language and use of color.

Client: Macks Ølbryggeri (Mack Brewery)
Cathrine Giæver, Veronica Evertsen, Kristin Ballovarre
Agency: by north™
Lead designers: Ole-Marius Tubez Storfjell & Morten Iveland
Client director: Håvard Sandaa Karlsen

Mack Isbjørn (Polar Bear) Beer

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