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Widakk Design studio is proud to present the label design for “Junak” Dry Gin. Design was created in a form of an old postage stamp and printed directly on a ceramic bottle. Main focus of design is the illustration of a fictional character – Hero ( Serbian “Junak” ), dressed in traditional Hercegovina national costume. Working on this project looked a lot like working on a personal project. Old postage stamps, among other things, are generally a great inspiration and it’s always fun to create designs such as this one.

It was also the very first time Widakk Design studio was working on a label design for a ceramic bottle. There was a possibility that some of the small lines will burn and get lost in the printing process, because some of the details are very small, but at the end, nothing was lost, everything turned out exactly how it should be.

This is Stevo – our courageous and humble Hero (Serbian “Junak”). His homeland, Herzegovina, is mentioned in many books and songs as region of the wine, the mountains, the string instrument “Gusle” and the heroes described. With every sip you experience a piece of his homeland – because many of the botanicals that we use also grow in the untouched nature of Herzegovina.

“Junak” is a small batch, handcrafted, dry gin, mixture of modern and traditional, created with original recipe with number of Mediterranean botanicals. Enjoyment and tradition united!


Junak Dry Gin

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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