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JB Martin was founded in 1921 by a man with a passion for ladies. The shoe designer capable of providing the ultimate in both style and comfort gradually disappeared from the scene. So it’s with unabashed glee and excitement that Be Dandy has been commissioned to bring out the personality of the century-old brand that Spartoo recently took over.

The bold Parisian: a contemporary long-standing archetype
The idea behind the rebrand is to revive an iconic French brand that a generation of confident, bold and feminine women have loved. The agency wanted to bring out what makes the brand’s modern yet long-standing DNA so unique.
Be Dandy trawled through the archives and found a common theme: a free and bold personality that took its finger off the pulse in recent years. The repositioning is all about restoring the brand’s iconic avant-garde style in the here and now with a younger and more universal spin to bring a slice of Paris to modern day countries. Sensual, stylish, sharp and ever-independent, the bold Parisian is the brand’s new flag bearer, an icon of liberated femininity who can do what she wants when she wants.

Scarlet passion: fuelling a red hot identity
True to the founder’s passion for women, his drive to move with them, support them and follow them in everything they do, the visual identity brings feminine flair together with expertise.
The logo’s curvaceous font echoes women’s curves and the footwear’s racy shapes. The heel-inspired dot between JB and Martin has been updated and streamlined to capture movement and energy and bring to mind a podium or pedestal.
The visual identity system is made up of shapes inspired by iconic shoe patterns whose graceful designs and precision underline the quality of the fit and style of the footwear.
Last but not least, scarlet leaves its mark on the entire identity in a nod to the brand’s Parisian and French soul, the founder’s passion and the confident, sensual and bold personality of JB women.


JB Martin

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