“Branding and packaging design for a Madej & Wróbel – local meat manufacturer from Silesia region. In the new identity the client wanted to highlight the family tradition of the company, which is named after the two owners’ family names. Unfortunately the client did not use the design.”
“We decided to present a company as a traditional local meatery (in fact this is quiet large company) but at the same time play with the surnames: “Madej” is a name of a legendary outlaw and “Wróbel” is a sparrow in Polish. We ‘merged’ the surnames into a single strong and memorable brand hero and prepared concept of packaging, signage and promotional materials.”
Designed by Studio Otwarte, Poland.
Madej & Wróbel
Madej & Wróbel2
Madej & Wróbel3
Madej & Wróbel4
Madej & Wróbel5
Madej & Wróbel6
Madej & Wróbel7

Concept: Madej & Wróbel

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