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InCULTO Landscape Wines is a winemaking project of Matías Michelini and Pancho Lávaque, located in the north of Argentina. Landscapes and natural elements typical of the area were taken and photographed by Victoria Romero. inCULTO takes its name from the way the non-cultivated sectors of the farm are called in the plans.

This project had a great participation of its creators, its owners. They chose the names and then, with the photographer, they looked for landscapes and elements in relation to the concept. From our studio we take care of highlighting all that generated material and giving it the touch of elegance that this particular product needed by placing the typography in the middle, with a gold stamping that subtly stands out in the black and white of the photo and we closed with the idea of the white wax of the capsule. ⁣

We like this variety of possibilities that are generated around wine labels. Sometimes the owners have very clear ideas, other times they don’t and both times we find a way to make the label different, creative and captivating because that is our ultimate goal.



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