I am sure most of us are familiar with Mufasa’s famous lecture on Circle of Life to Simba in the Lion King. If you were a 90s kid, that was your introduction to the concept of the food chain and an ecosystem. To teach the next generation of kids that same essential topic, Mirim Seo designed CHOMP puzzle book, a fun, cute, and above all educational set of wooden blocks. “Each puzzle introduces a different level of a food chain in its environment; Forest, Ocean, Arctic, Jungle, and Desert. All food chains include, producers, consumers, and decomposers and each plays a role in the chain. When completed, the puzzle shows the eating process.”
Designed by Mirim Seo, Tyler School of Art / MFA Graphic Design
Art Direction : Kelly Holohan, 2012
Material : Wood, Paper
Chomp 2
Chomp 3
Chomp 4
Chomp 5
Chomp 6
Chomp 7
Chomp 8
Chomp 9

Student: Chomp

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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