Non-alcoholic cocktails is a phenomenon for the Russian market of carbonated drinks, whereas in Europe and America, it is long-standing category, enjoyed by everybody. Global Functional Drinks Rus company decided to take the vacant niche of soft drinks and bring a unique brand of Fresh Bar on the Russian market. Fresh Bar product range, including 6 popular cocktail flavors, is a perfect solution for the active youth audience, ready to constant experimentation and fun. A variety of Fresh Bar flavors makes it easy to feel the shades of cocktail mood, to invent their own cocktails and create an atmosphere of fun everyday.
DDVB was asked to develop design solutions and packaging shapes for Fresh Bar, which would differ it from carbonated soft drinks and communicate the essence of non-alcoholic cocktails. Packaging should communicate the essential elements of the culture of cocktails consumption.
Every cocktail recipe and the scale of moods from WOW to Megafun were vizualized in the package. Stylish icons are made close to the perception of young people.
Designed by: DDVB, Russia.
Fresh Bar
Fresh Bar2
Fresh Bar3

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