Cohere is a line of spa cosmetics that targets young women 25-31 years old. All cosmetics made from botanical and organic ingredient as Juniper Oil. The texture of soft colours painted to indicate the ultimate meaning of the brand “Cohere” as visual representation of spa relaxation, vitality, and warmness. Juniper tree illustration goes throughout all packaging line. However, the tree showed from different perspective on each box to give an engaging character of the design. Little Robin bird loves Juniper and juniper berries. Robin showed as a curious and funny creature that pops up suddenly. He invites you to join his wild juniper adventure.
Wild Juniper face lotion, the organic soap and moisture cream is the product line that spa cosmetic “Cohere” has in it collection. Lines of different products as well as new flavours could be added under the brand name.
Designed by: Daria Gavrilina, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Wild Juniper
Wild Juniper2
Wild Juniper3

Wild Juniper Cohere Spa cosmetics

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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