GWC apporached Picturelab to design a series of wine labels and relised that a strong brand is what the company needed. So with a slight alteration to the creative brief, a brand and labels were developed concurrently. The result is a seamless suite of branded items that help the small company punch about its weight in terms of brand awareness. The label approach was to tell the story of the estate through each varietal. From the colony of Black Cockatoos for the Shiraz, through to the Pinot Rosé label with red roses that lined the main building planted there by the first owner.
Designed by: Damian McGrath, Australia.
Gippsland Wine Company
Gippsland Wine Company2
Gippsland Wine Company3
Gippsland Wine Company4
Gippsland Wine Company5
Gippsland Wine Company6

Gippsland Wine Company

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