Fiasco Gelato is a premium artisan gelatiere based out of Calgary, Alberta. Artisan ‘Gelato’ is the age-old Italian art of frozen dessert, and a name that should only be reserved as an elite committed craft. It is created with fresh local milk, cane sugar and seasonal fresh fruits making it a smoother, more flavourful product with less air, sugar and 1/3 the fat of traditional ice cream.

We are excited to introduce our Holiday Collection with four delicious flavours, and our Housemade Drinking Chocolate gift sets! We have our Classic Eggnog, because how could we not? With our house-made eggnog and ground, fresh nutmeg, this flavour is really a true taste of the holidays. Our Holiday Gingersnap, a creamy ginger base with our house-made ginger snap cookies folded throughout. In our Dairy-Free Cranberry Orange Sorbetto we boil down fresh cranberries with fresh orange zest creating a tart, light and refreshing treat. Last, we did something brand new, Frozen Hot Chocolate! After all the craze last year with our Drinking Chocolate we had to try to turn it into a gelato, and perfect it was! Using Bernard Callebaut cocoa, we make a milk chocolate base, then add dulce de leche for that extra rich and creamy flavour. Then we take our house-made vanilla bean marshmallows and fold throughout… This flavour is nothing short of amazing!
We wanted to create packaging that would emulate the quality of the product that it holds! We thought that mason jars were the perfect vessel in which to package our products as they represent our artisan and handcrafted philosophy. Each handpacked glass mason jar allow our gelato lovers to see the natural beauty of the ingredients inside. With our rich selection of ingredients and no added artificial colours, how could we not show it off? The screw top keeps the product fresh and this re-usable packaging demonstrates our love for Mother Nature.
In the design of the labels we wanted to include a playfulness that represents our company, which developed into the “Limited Holiday Collection” bunting. As people often think of red as an iconic holiday colour, we chose to tie it in with our brand colours as well. We wanted to keep the label clean so that it would not distract from the product inside. Each pint is also accompanied with a hand-tied gift tag making the delicious pints a perfect gift for anyone.
Of course the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without the return of our Drinking Chocolate. Dark cocoa, brown sugar and salted caramel, this really is the perfect way to indulge. Then topped with our house-made marshmallows which are available in Vanilla Bean, London Fog and Cinnamon-Nutmeg.
With our value of bringing things back to the way they used to be, simple and honest, we wanted to create a design that brought us back in time – with a classic milk carton. Reflecting upon the simple look of a vintage milk carton, we were able to also highlight the key ingredient to our delicious drinking chocolate.
Our customers have been excited to see our new packaging, and to see their pleasure in what we do just gives us more reason to keep making things better each year!
Designed by James Boettcher and Megan Zee, Fiasco Gelato, Alberta, Canada.
Fiasco Gelato
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Fiasco Gelato Holiday Collection

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