Designed by: Anton Kulina

The modern world is so replete with a variety of products that the task of conquering a client has long been laid down primarily on the shoulders of packaging. But what other benefits can a package carry? I asked this question, realizing the felicita pasta design project, and came to the conclusion that one cannot do without functionality here. For your attention the concept of packaging felicita, which has a minimum weight and the possibility of ecological recycling. In addition to environmental friendliness, this product is optimized for use: two fasteners on top allow you to gently open and close the packaging, which helps prevent the spilling of pasta. The best thing to do with such a product is to try it in action. I am sure this package will cope with the task of attracting the attention of the buyer and will justify his confidence in the process of use.






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  • December 1, 2018
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