Designed by: Mundial
Designer: Martín Azambuja

Cerveza Oceánica was born in the heart of a family in a coast town, with the aim of producing beers inspired by the Uruguayan nature, using agroecological raw materials and sustainable production methods.

We design the branding and packaging system reflecting the nature feeling with a main role of illustration and colors for each packaging.

The new concept of the brand and all its packaging versions is based on the environment of the plant. A natural environment, close to the sea where you can see all kinds of native flora and fauna.

The emphasis of the study was on the sensation one has when visiting the coast and the natural environment in which beer is produced. Each style has its own color and illustration that makes it unique so that it is easier to recognize for the consumer. The illustrations have a leading role on the identity representing the views that everyone can see in the coast of Uruguay.


Cerveza Oceánica

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Featured on Package Inspiration
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